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How Can Lighting Affect the Look and Feel of a Room?

When designing a home, it is essential to consider how both inside and outside lighting can influence the room’s environment or living space. This post outlines the effect of light on the feeling and reaction felt in any area, the significance of useful lighting, and helpful tips to consider when arranging indoor lighting.

More people realize that light can transform their houses. When looking at some of the most popular home trends, lighting always pops up. However, selecting the appropriate and the best light fixture for a home is not as straightforward as most people think. The process is made tedious by the number of options available. More options mean more examination and scrutiny. The options vary in design, sizes, material, bulb count, shades, etc. But every option will not suit every home or room. Therefore, there is a need for homeowners to select their lighting fixtures carefully.

A dreary room may seem dull, squeezed, or unwelcoming, and a dim pathway may show up unwelcoming or hazardous. An office with harsh lighting can cause people to feel troubled or pushed. An inappropriate sort of light can twist the stylistic theme’s vibe or associate inadequately with the paint finish of the room.

Unfortunately, most people don’t pay attention to the kind of lighting they put in their house so long as it offers enough light. As it seems, those who dare to be different and order select lighting fixtures win the day. They tend to have the kind of rooms that others take a moment to review. Like a great piece of art, appropriate lighting fixtures can be eye-catching and spectacular. It is just that most people have not been informed of some classic home trends.

What Should be Considered When Selecting a Light Fixture

Natural Light – How much natural light is already coming into the room? Is that light useful for the time of day that you use the room (i.e., morning light for a breakfast nook or evening light for a dining room)?

Room Color – What color is the room? Light-colored rooms can reflect more light around the room; this effect can make a small room look larger.

Ambiance Desired – How do you want the room to feel? Do you want it to be warm and cozy or a bright workspace?

Style of Room – What is the furniture style? Is it modern or traditional? Formal or relaxed? Do you want a statement piece or the fixture to be unnoticed? Do you want to add a pop of color?

Room Purpose – Think about how the room is used. Is this a kitchen where bright work light is required or a bedroom where softer light is usually the norm. If there are dual purposes, then a dimmer control is an option.

Safety – Do you need to add light to darkened areas for safety purposes? Are there hallways with no windows? Closets with no light source? Bathrooms without windows?

Lighting is an integral part of home design. The wrong light can make a room or a home feel uncomfortable. Take the time to consider the previous questions before making your final selection.

For more information on recent home trends in lighting, check out Nubuildz.

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